Top 15 Suburbs To Surge In The Next Few Years

Bishwas Bhattarai, Senior Lending Manager

26 November 2015

Surely the Sydney metro property booms seems to be well over at least for now. The recent report from RD data suggest Sydney property market has fallen by at least 1.2% during the month of November. Morley to blame of the weakening demand and tougher lending criteria.

It has been the talk to every BBQ function or gathering I attend, especially when coming towards this festive season we. Being in finance and banking for over a decade centralising within the property market do find myself surrounding with wealth of knowledge in terms of research, report and publications. It prompted me to ask the same question has the property boom really been over and if the investment on brick and mortar are no go zone?

Firstly, let us focus on the Sydney Boom in the last few years so called bubble. This has very much effected the Sydney metro location purely on the basis of the demand fuelled by increase population, migration and in search for alternative investment. Due to this surging demand in Sydney property this has left the hollow space and growth opportunity within in other metro or regional area. And suddenly we have seen the spot light is back on other metro cities namely Brisbane and Melbourne also been regularly predicted by other finance pundits regularly.

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So my quest has been in search for 15 suburb to surge within the 2016 and beyond. And these projections are based on the rental yield, livelihood to live in the area, population growth, infrastructure spending and various other factors.

And surprisingly seven of them still are located in the state of NSW, followed by the QLD and WA. Most of them are very affordable and in fact there are numerous suburb that falls under $ 400 000 median price. And unlike Sydney metro property these investment commands a high rental yield and demand.

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The list of last 10 properties are location are provided in the table. And the top 5 can also be provided upon request.

Due to continued rising level of un-affordability in major cities, regional areas have become more enticing for business, as well as home owners. It has become cheaper to relocate, operate and at the same time creating jobs in regional areas.

For example Tweed Heads has provided an alternate lifestyle in the last few years, it has seen a surge of population from the retirees and investment property for baby boomers. The border city of NSW provides the perfect weather, good infrastructure served by hospitals, amenities and school.
This has also caused the influx of developer interested in the developing the property within this region. Good rental yield, high and long term rental demand has made this equally popular for investor as well.

Similarly, Queensland also has grabbed a lot of headlines with its low entry level property. The recent pledge from the Federal and State Government has provided the much needed fuel in region with big infrastructure spending. Especially within 2016 I would expect the five to six Queensland suburb to be on the top 15 list.


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